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Annual Reports

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The Ombuds Annual Report presents:

  • a synthesis of visitor themes and traffic trends as well as composite narratives of visitor experiences based on those themes.
  • educational programming participation trends and feedback
  • details of Ombuds Office growth and new initiatives.
  • recommendations on how the campus community could start addressing findings presented in the report.

The annual report does not provide generalizable claims about the entire population that the office serves, and it does not provide specific information regarding individual visitors.

FY2023 Annual Report Image and Link space

Recommendations from FY2023 UT Ombuds Annual Report (pdf):

    • Develop a culture where campus community members view conflict as an opportunity for reflection, innovation, and positive growth.
    • Develop a campus culture that supports frequent, open, and constructive communication, particularly within evaluative relationships.
    • Provide educational opportunities that enhance campus community members’ willingness and capacity to have meaningful dialogue and constructively manage conflicts.

In a large organization such as UT, Knoxville, encountering challenging  conversations and conflict is unavoidable. We can, however, better equip our community with skills to navigate these challenges which can reduce the occurrence of dignity violations and disruptions to psychological safety.


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