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Graduate students, staff, & faculty voluntarily visit the ombuds for many reasons. We create a confidential and informal space in our organization where you can speak freely and feel safe while discussing any challenges you face. Any issue can be brought to the Ombuds – no matter how big or small.

The ombuds is not a reporting office and thus will not share anything you discuss to anyone else without your permission.

Visit the ombuds about

  • Feeling stuck or unsure what to do
  • Improving effective communication
  • Graduate advisor/committee dynamics
  • Instructor, advisor, or supervisor relations
  • Performance evaluations & expectations
  • Bias, inequity, & microaggressions
  • Relationships with colleagues & peers
  • Career progression & transition
  • Misconduct & inappropriate behavior
  • Health, safety, & working conditions

Ombuds can help you by

  • Providing a safe & non-judgmental space
  • Acting as a neutral sounding-board
  • Exploring & testing options
  • Fact finding & gathering information
  • Clarifying policies & procedures
  • Making referrals to helpful resources
  • Providing communication coaching
  • Advocating for fair processes
  • Mediating conversations between parties
  • Facilitating educational programming
  • Providing follow-up training supports


*The Office of Ombuds Services is not an office of notice and is not an office of record.  Communication to the Office will not constitute formal notice to the University of any alleged violations of law, regulations, or policies.  Although visitors to the Office may make such allegations, the Office is not a “campus security authority” as defined by the Clery Act or an “official . . . who has authority to institute corrective measures” under Title IX, nor is it required to report these allegations to the University.